If it's chocolate covered strawberries you're looking for... We are the spot!

We do chocolate covered strawberries every day of the year using big ripe Driscolls dipped in our specially blended Chocolates

Our chocolate is of the highest quality and compared to no other...Ask anyone! We use 100% cocoa butter and blend it with a European milk crumb that sends your taste buds out of control!

We don't keep any strawberries overnight and dip fresh daily... And believe it or not these big juicy fruits dipped in this amazing chocolate average just .94 cents each throughout the year

We make up trays platters boxes anything you want with as many strawberries as you want...

Just give us a call at 563 386-1155

Remember peeps... One stop shopping... We've got your flower arrangements... Balloons... And of course incredible Chocolates!